Life Lately...

I haven't written in a while, I know.  I assure you I am alive and well.  In fact, I am happier and busier than ever in this new city of mine.  I finally feel settled in here in San Francisco. Before, her sunny tangled streets seemed impossible to navigate and now, my paths are well treaded. It is good to feel like I belong again. 

Six months ago, right after I last posted, I got a new job at my favorite company, Airbnb.  I get to work with some of the most creative minds in the world to make an amazing company even more great.  I do internal hospitality, which is a role completely focused on curating culture. Every day is a challenge; an opportunity to learn and grow.  And even though it's exhausting, I absolutely love it.  

Sometime between May and now, not only have I started a new job but I've  made new friends, traveled, and adventured all through this great state.  Below are few snapshots of my favorite moments. 

Sierra City, CA // September 2015
Andy and I love that it is very easy to retreat from the city into nature.  In just a few hours we can be in the hot dessert or deep in the mountains.  Many a Friday afternoon we pack up our little Subaru and head for the hills to hike, camp, fish or all of the above.  Sierra City has become a favorite hideaway because of its lush mountainside views and well stocked rivers.  Andy really enjoyed splashing around...I mean fly fishing...while on this weekend trip :)  

Chileno Valley Ranch // Petaluma, CA // September 2015

Coming from the midwest, apple picking a right of passage for Autumn to really start. So to commence the season, we donned our thickest sweaters shorts and tees and set out for some Northern California fall fun. The apple trees here are merely half the size of their midwestern cousins and we had ourselves a good laugh pretending to stretch to pick the fruit on top of them.

Tulum, Mexico // October 2015
Three whole years of marriage.  It doesn't seem like much to be proud of, but I am.  These past three years have been my happiest and I will treasure them always.  I picked a good one, and I am so glad that he chooses to live life with me.  

We spent our anniversary week sipping on margaritas and lounging at the Papaya Playa project, Coqui Coqui, and this stunning Airbnb in the jungle (I failed to get a photo that did it justice). Papaya had the best little pools overlooking the ocean.  Coqui Coqui, among being one of the  prettiest boutique hotels and perfumeries in the caribbean, also had one of the most stunning views from their spa. And the Airbnb was a desert chic retreat nestled in the jungle near the locals and shops. 

Hog Island Oysters // Marshall, CA // October 2015
My brother has visited the city several times, so this time when he visited we wanted to take him to experience something new.  When I learned he had never eaten an oyster, we immediately headed to Hog Island to address such injustice. We gorged ourselves on champagne and barbecued oysters as we watched the fisherman haul in their catch in nearby Tomales Bay. Such a relaxing (and delicious) way to spend a Saturday. 

I promise to share more recent adventures soon :)