Erin Conger Photography

Erin Conger Photography

The Ivy is a journal of sorts, a place to document my recipe experiments, failures and occasional strike of genius- which consequently happens anytime I add goat cheese.  It is also the home of my portfolio, an ongoing chronicle of my work in food photography.  I began dabbling in food photography a few years ago after I transitioned out of the nutrition industry and was looking for a creative outlet. My photography is very representative of my journey in life: genuine, full of trial-and-error, and always hungry! 

My husband and I now live in San Francisco but I grew up in a tiny town in Ohio.  I hold a degree in Nutrition from THE Ohio State University and even with my schooling, I still have so much I want to learn.  I'd love to hear your advice in exploring new flavors, methods, and techniques am always interested in connecting with culinary adventurers. Please contact me here.  Salutations or inquiries are always well received. 

I hope you will enjoy my modest contribution of recipes, health, and photography! I feel blessed to share it all with you! 



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